Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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                     Guiding Principles

The delivery of high quality, effective patient care is our focus and commitment to you.

Since 1881 the Georgetown Fire Department has provided all-risk fire, rescue and emergency medical services to residents, visitors and businesses within the City of Georgetown and Emergency Service District #8 (ESD 8).

Many people do not realize that nearly 80% of our emergency responses are for medical aid. To meet this need, we ensure that all fire fighters are trained and certified as either Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) or Paramedics.

Paramedics – who are trained to provide care in the most serious medical emergencies – are located at neighborhood fire stations throughout the City. The Paramedics and EMT’s staff both our fire engines and medic units. That means our community can receive the highest level of care within minutes.

Medic units based at neighborhood fire stations are supplemented by a Peak Activity Unit, which operate during the day when call volumes are at their highest. This makes efficient use of resources to maintain low response times throughout our service area.